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The Types of Help Available from The Housekeeper Company


The Housekeeper Company offer British, European, Filipino, Asian and other foreign staff.


Ideal for families, couples or individuals who are seeking to employ a reliable and discreet housekeeping professional.Typical duties include, housekeeping, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking, food preparation, polishing silver, flower arranging etc.


Housekeeper / Nannies

Provide responsible childcare and babysitting services in addition to the housekeeping duties, as above.


Dog Nanny or Housekeeper / Dog Nanny

We can provide an experienced dog minder or nanny to come to your home. Duties include: walking, feeding and looking after your beloved pet during the day. Candidates are looking for a permanent job.Working a minimum of 20 hours per week. The dog nanny may also be happy to combine their role with some housekeeping duties.


Housekeeper / Cooks

Perform similar duties to Housekeepers, but also possess culinary skills and are confident and adept in following recipes,cooking for family mealtimes, special occasions, dinner parties etc.

Chef / Cooks

The candidate will often have autonomous control over a kitchen, and prepare, cook and present meals for the household. There may sometimes be further duties asked of the chef / cook; particularly that of managing / overseeing other kitchen staff, and sometime housekeeping or butler duties may be required.• They would be responsible for the preparation and presentation of all food for the employer, their family, guests and staff.  Present menus for approval and discusses daily requirements with employer, house manager, housekeeper or butler. Keep the kitchen in good condition, cleaning all surfaces and floors after use. Place orders for all supplies and perishables.Carry out any other task the employer may reasonably ask.


Housemen / Handymen / Drivers

Provide everyday assistance with driving, gardening, odd jobs, swimming pool maintenance, running errands and general maintenance around the home. Able to help with heavy cleaning, e.g. washing windows, help with entertaining, school runs etc.

Can work independently or as part of a couple.


Chauffeur / Driver

Driving duties, running errands, school runs and odd jobs.

Can work independently or as part of a couple.


Housekeeper Couples

The complete housekeeping solution – these housekeeping teams provide all-round help in the home, including meticulous housekeeping and a wide range of maintenance/driving duties, combining the roles of either the housekeeper, housekeeper/cook or housekeeper/nanny along with a houseman/handyman/driver.


Mother’s Helps (often also known as a Housekeeper/Nanny)

Cleaning, general household and laundry duties, helping with the children, babysitting, driving duties, school runs, light cooking and food preparation – mother’s helps will have limited previous childcare experience and will not necessarily have housekeeping experience, but will be willing to do all that is required.


Security Staff

Notably effective in driving down crime and giving families peace of mind and total protection. Our experienced residential or part time security staff have worked in a variety of security positions. They are highly trained, CRB Checked, Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed,and are used to dealing with all aspects of domestic security that they may encounter while protecting your home.